About us

Adorae was launched for the busy urbanite to effortlessly shop brands that we have tried and love. Built around the realization that not all brands are the same, we bring in only brands that we truly believe in and are the authorised distributors for many of our brands.

Top Brands, Top Quality

Our team has vast experience in the skin care industry working with leading established brands. We strongly believe in only picking products based on their formulations and quality, focusing solely on visible benefits and not brand ambassadors or advertising. The carefully curated brands that we partner with are well-established brands in their markets with many of them market leaders. Their quality and reliability have won them many awards and accolades over the years. We only sell products that we have tried before and can wholeheartedly recommend. We hope you adore our brands as much as we do!

100% Sourced Directly from Manufacturers

We guarantee that all our products are sourced directly from the official manufacturers which allows us to give you the best prices and peace of mind. We are alarmed by the growing occurrence of counterfeit skin care and hair care products appearing on ecommerce platforms. The sellers only look to make a quick sale without any safety checks and the products do not provide the promised results as they are a completely different formulation and not from the official manufacturer. We believe it is crucial that you only purchase through authorised channels as our face and scalp is too important to take any unnecessary risks. You can rest assured of the authenticity of our products and we guarantee that you receive the quality and safety associated with a top brand.

Convenient, Quick & Worry-Free Shipping

Our products are stored and packed locally which guarantees quick and worry-free shipping. No need to worry about lost packages, custom duties and damaged goods. Our deliveries are tracked by our logistics partner and you can rest assured that any issues with packages such as wrong items delivered or items damaged during transportation can be promptly addressed locally.

Reliable Team & Customer Service

Working closely with our manufacturers ensures that we have accurate product knowledge to advise you on our products. We are also backed by our manufacturer's team of scientists and researchers if more technical queries arise. This gives you peace of mind that we are fully aware of our products' usage and benefits, meaning that we stand by our products as opposed to a reseller.